All the differences of a “terra Superiore” – The difference that you see, smell and drink.

The uniqueness of our production is ensured by unique environmental factors: our vineyards enjoy optimum exposure to the sun, good ventilation thanks to their hilly location and the most suitable dry and clay soil.

Priority for us is the respect for the environment: we do not use chemicals, all the soil nutrition is done with green manure and natural methods, mowing is done mechanically and interceps is practiced with the opening and closing of the soil avoiding any way of treatments with substances of animal origin and the use of chemical dissecting.
The harvest is strictly manual.

Prosecco Baldi is more than a special wine.

It is the result of the loving dedication of those who have always cultivated and produced this “nectar.”
A unique atmosphere, a unique style, which allows you to feel in its effervescence the whole history of these villages, hamlets, vineyards.
Every single piece of land, every corner bears the scents of this wine.
Prosecco Baldi is part of the soul of these places.
The spirit of a “terra Superiore”.